Apparently, #momlife looks different these days. I got on here to write a post and saw that it’s been almost 6 months since I posted. So, here’s a quick update on things happening since October.

October: Halloween. Nellie was Mary Sanderson for Halloween. Her cousins were Winifred & Sarah Sanderson and Binx (all from Hocus Pocus, in case you didn’t know).

November: Thanksgiving. This was Nellie’s second Thanksgiving. But this time around she was walking. We weren’t watching her at one point and she got to the dessert table. The last one ended up being our Christmas card photo.

December: Nellie got her first Advent Calendar (Disney books). She met Santa. She might be traumatized, but we enjoyed it. And she enjoyed Christmas morning.

January: We started 2022 off celebrating Nellie’s 2nd birthday with friends and family. It was also very cold and snowy. We took a trip to California to visit Bryan’s family and she went to Disneyland to meet Mickey & Minnie.

February/March: Not much happening. But lots of photos nonetheless.

April: the weather is finally warming up a bit, so we’re getting ready for Spring/Summer. Nellie was moved to the next level in swim lessons. And she enjoyed her Easter egg hunt! Nellie also had an EEG done on 4/8. We had a few things happen that caused us to want to check for epilepsy (it runs on both sides of the family).

That’s where we are. Nellie is getting so big, so fast! She never stops moving and never stops talking. She knows some of her colors, she can count to 10 (with a little help) and she’s started potty training.

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