If you’ve been following along with us the last few months, you know they have been nothing short of frustrating.

We moved to Missouri last September. We, very quickly, signed a contract on a lot in a new development in Ozark. Right at the end we ran into a slew of issues.

It started with our builder wanting to raise the price of the house. Then there was how much we would need to pay to have a fence put in. Then, we wouldn’t make closing because of weather and the delays happening with subcontractors. THEN! We had to reschedule closing AGAIN!

All of that to say…WE MADE IT! As of 12pm today we are officially homeowners again. We have keys and garage door openers and most importantly, our home.

And if there wasn’t enough to be excited about here’s one more thing. When we bought our first home we wanted to have dinner there the night we got the keys. But the only place close enough was McDonald’s. So, we had McDonald’s on the floor of what would be our dining room. Every year on that day we would move the dining table aside and have McDonald’s on the floor.

Tonight we got to do that same thing. Except this time Nell was with us. And it was just as fun and exciting as the first time we did it. I love that she’ll get to continue this tradition with us every July 8th.

We want to say thank you to those of you that prayed with and for us. To those of you that continued to encourage us through what turned out to be a really stressful time. To those of you that made sure we were okay and then celebrated with us when we finally made it to the end.

It goes without saying, but I will anyway, that we had an amazing realtor. Not only do I get to call her my realtor, but I also get to call her my aunt. She absolutely crushed it! Thank you, Aunt Cathy!

We are so excited to start this next chapter.

One thought on “Welcome.

  1. Out here in the intense heat of the desert, we are so happy for y’all! We KNEW God wouldn’t keep you from this blessing! Enjoy every inch of it every day!


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