Our Very Own Wall of Jericho

Our Very Own Wall of Jericho

Do you know the story of the wall of Jericho? It’s in the book of Joshua, chapter 6. God had promised to deliver His people to the Promised Land. Once they got there, the only thing the Israelites had to do was get through the wall of Jericho.

The image below is what the wall around the city looked like. The first wall was 20-26 feet high. Then an embankment sloped upward. Then, a second wall that was 20-26 feet high.

How do you get past that?! The Lord told Joshua to have His people March around the city once per day for 6 days while blowing trumpets, but no other sounds – the Lord didn’t want people speaking doubt over what they were doing. On the seventh day, the people marched around the city 7 times and shouted so loud they walls fell flat and they captured the city.

We have encountered our own wall before and you all know it very well. Nell being born early and not being home with us was a wall that felt too tall to get over. But by the grace of God, and a million answered prayers, we got through the hardest time in our lives.

But life doesn’t come with just one wall. Here we are sitting at yet another wall.

I’ve previously written about building our new home in Missouri. We started the process in November. Very quickly the house was framed. We saw the roof and drywall go up at an alarming rate. The weather slowed us down a little bit. We had a ton of snow and some rain.

Recently we’ve ran into the issue of our builder wanting to raise the price of the house on us, regardless of our signed contract. Thanks to our God and an amazing realtor, he finally agreed to sell at contract price. And just when we thought we were in the clear, we weren’t.

Now, because of weather, he hasn’t been able to finish our landscaping (sprinklers, sod, and fencing). However, our contract closing day was yesterday – May 28. We didn’t close.

We signed an extension with the hopes that he’ll be able to have everything done before June 8th because we lose an incredible interest rate on June 9th. At this point our builder is left with two options in order to close: 1) finish the yard or 2) front the money for the yard into an escrow account. Unfortunately, option 1 isn’t looking good. And option 2 is up in the air because he doesn’t want to front as much money as he would need. We’re left with only legal action after that.

I don’t want to go that far. All we want is to be able to move into our new home and get settled. It’s tough to feel like you’re in limbo. Like we have no where we really belong.

We’re very blessed to have parents that have given us a living space as we go through this process, but we’re ready to start our lives here. And we’re stuck feeling like that might not happen right now.

I tell you this to ask for prayer. We have seen so many prayers answered just in the year alone. Between Nellie, moving half way across the county, my mama friend – Brittany & her son Wyatt, and my cousin – Jordyn & her son Ellis – how can we deny the presence of God all around us? How can we say He is not answering our prayers? HE IS!

We just need to do it again. And again. So, here we are. Doing it again.

This morning we sang the perfect song for what this post is really about.

This is how I fight my battles.

This is how I fight my battles.

It may look like I’m surrounded

But I’m surrounded by you.

I fight my battles by praying and handing them over to the Lord. He will fight my battles for me as long as I am faithful to Him.

One thought on “Our Very Own Wall of Jericho

  1. Héctor and I will be praying for this issue in particular I can’t wait to Mail tortillas to your new address which Lord willing will be soon!!! Love you guys!


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