All The Changes.

All The Changes.

Well, am I the worst blog mom or what? Things have been so insane over here I didn’t even realize it had been almost two months since I posted anything. And worse than that is that there is so much that has happened in that time.

Where should I start? Since the last post, Miss Nell his decided she’d like to learn how to walk. She can’t yet, not on her own at least. But she’s giving it her best shot. She can stand by herself, but when she’s ready to move she goes down to her knees and crawls. She has also learned how to use her toys, pillows, chair, and our legs to climb up onto the couch or ottoman to grab whatever it is she’s got her eyes on.

She’s learned how to successfully give a high five, blow kisses and put her hands in the air and wave them around like she just doesn’t care. She can also stack her toy cups and knows to put her toy phone to her ear when we say “ring, ring”. The girl talks nonstop, smiles if you smile at her, and laughs at everything. Sometimes, it seems, she’ll laugh just to get someone’s attention.

We also had some insane weather that kept me and Nellie inside for most of February. You think that would have given me all the time I needed to write, but I spent that time with Nell. We sat inside while it was, at it’s coldest, -15 degrees (with a windchill of -27) and covered in like 5 inches of snow outside. We have officially made it through our first Midwest winter. And the coldest in years, from what I’ve been told by locals. They said the snow wasn’t really surprising even though they don’t typically get that much at one time. But they also said that hadn’t experienced temperatures that low in 80 years. Needless to say, we spent A LOT of time inside to avoid the cold.

We did, however, take Nellie outside to make her first snow angel and play with the snow for a minute. She loved it!

Every single day is the same around here. Except for one thing, Nellie. She changes every day. We have the same schedule and routine every day. But she is constantly showing me how amazing and smart she has become. She is learning new things so quickly and I feel each day slip through my fingers quicker than the day before.

I am so grateful that the Lord has put Bryan and I in a place where I can be home with her and still have a job that helps support our family. These days are becoming shorter and shorter and I’m not sure how long they’ll last before I’m sending her off to school.

For now, I’ll enjoy the craziness. I’ll wash all the messy plates, do the laundry, clean up her toys 500 times a day, wipe all the boogers, change all the diapers, and play on the floor for so long that I can’t feel my legs when I finally get up. I can’t ever imagine what a day would be like without her and, right now, I’m not ready to find out.

Next month we finally get to celebrate her first birthday with our family and friends who are able to be out here. And even though her birthday was almost two months ago, I feel like this celebration makes it real. She’s growing up too fast for this mama.

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