Building in Ozark

Building in Ozark

When Bryan and I started talking about moving to Missouri we were trying to decide between building a new home or buying one for sale. It really came down to when we moved. It didn’t make sense for us to buy one for sale when we couldn’t be there to see it. Building made sense because it would give us some time to get out here.

Once we were out here we felt like our options opened up tremendously because now we actually go look at houses. The hard part is that this is the house that we’ll want to live in for a long time, so we wanted specific things. Ultimately, my aunt, who is all our realtor, told us about a builder that had some lots in a community we really liked. We met with him, liked his plans, and decided to build.

We’ve been visiting about once a week to see the progress. It’s been going slow because of the weather, but we visited today and we were very surprised to see that the framing had gone up! I was ready to cry because I was so excited. And I wasn’t the only one.

When we pulled up there were guys working on the house. I got out and told one of them that we are the homeowners and asked if we could take a photo. He said we absolutely could and then turned around and said, “hey, these are the homeowners. That’s so cool!”

So, here are the progress photos of our house and the last one is what the front of our house will look like.

We have a lot that is just over quarter acre. It’ll have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a huge yard for Nell and Lucy. It should be complete no later than the end of May.

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