California Will Always Be Home

California Will Always Be Home

I’ll be the first to say that we don’t regret moving out of California. It wasn’t where we wanted to raise our daughter. That said, California will always be home.

I have been feeling…unsettled recently. I feel like we’re in this weird in-between. The house we live in is my parents’ house and ours won’t be completed until May 2021. And while I’m incredibly grateful that my parents have provided us a place to live during this time, it’s hard to merge two households and figure out how to fit two different routines together.

I was recently contacted by my boss who said they wanted to fly me out to CA for a staff Christmas party. I jumped at the opportunity. So, I booked flights for me and Nell for December 8.

Unfortunately, our party was cancelled because COVID has FOMO and is apparently running rampant in California. BUT, I was blessed to keep my flight. I’m not sure my boss will ever know how grateful I am for that.

How cute is Nell’s travel outfit?

Nell and I spent the last week visiting friends and her dad’s side of the family. We spent most of the week getting uninterrupted time with Nell’s grandma, papa, and Auntie Hilly. She also got a couple days with her cousins Maddy and Evan and her Auntie Nomy.

This trip was good for my soul. Everything we did regarding the move was so fast. We spent so much time packing and making sure we were good to go that I think we forgot to spend time with those that mean the most to us.

I’ll say this again, I DO NOT regret moving. We absolutely love Missouri and it was a great decision. But, damn, it felt good to be home. I didn’t need Waze to tell me where to go. I was able to jump in the car and just drive because I just knew where I was.

I am starting to know my way around and I don’t need Waze as often. I also don’t feel as alone now that my mom is here, so that’s nice. Just need sometime to acclimate. Keep an eye out for some fun news next week!

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