Mommy Friends

Mommy Friends

You guys, how in the world did I go from posting every day to posting once a month? Once a month!

I’ve the idea for this post for a few weeks. Clearly, time has gotten away from me. But it’s really important to me. Especially now.

A couple weeks ago Nellie and I were at Walmart doing some shopping. While in the produce section I asked Nell what kinds of veggies she wanted. As I picked out Nell’s squash (which, by the way, she no longer likes), a lady next to me asked if I made her food. I told that I did make most of her food.

We got to talking and I expressed that I felt stuck sometimes with how much or what kinds of food to feed Nell. I said she is my first and we had a little bit of a rough start. I told her that her adjusted vs actual age had me a little confused when it came to food/eating. This woman was so kind to me.

She gave me a few pointers and before walking away she said, “let me give you my card. It’s for colorstreet, but you can ignore that. Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any mommy questions. And find me on Facebook!”

You guys, I felt so supported. And by a woman who didn’t even know my name yet. I ran into her a few more times during our shopping trip. And every time she had a new tip for me.

We have noticed this transition in kindness among those that surround us since we moved. Yes, people we knew in California were kind. But it’s the people we don’t know that are showing us the biggest difference. It’s the ones that smile and wave just because. It’s the one that stop me and complement us on how beautiful Nell is or how happy she looks. It’s the ones that talk to you about mommy stuff and offer advice whenever you need it, even when they don’t know your name.

It’s so important to have those mommies, and daddies, that can help you through the things you just don’t know. Don’t just be kind to the people you know. You never know how you can turn someone’s day around by just smiling at them.

Before I leave you, here are some Nell updates.

Miss Nell is 11 months old. We are less than one month from her first birthday. And, to be honest, I can’t handle it.

She’s getting SO BIG! She’s wearing 6-9mo now because she’s too long for 3-6. The 6-9 clothes are long enough, but they’re so baggy. She looks adorable, nonetheless.

We are getting ready to baby proof the house because Nellie crawls everywhere and we’re sure she isn’t far from walking.

A few things have happened since our last post. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you have, no doubt, seen these. But here they are. Thanksgiving, where she fed herself some potatoes. Visiting Santa for the first time. And other, just all around cute, photos.

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