The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle Is Real

Since we moved to Missouri Bryan and I have both been in a kind of funk. And that’s not saying that we regret our decision to move, we don’t. However, we’ve felt this weird sense of being alone. It’s an odd feeling because we’ve always been surrounded by family.

In an attempt to remain transparent, here’s an update on where we are.

We’re not quite settled. We’ve found ourselves sitting on the couch wondering what to do next. In reality, we have probably 15 boxes that can be moved to the garage. Two dressers that remain empty because we have yet to fill them. Random crap sitting on our dining table. And unsettled hearts.

I have been working a few hours each day, but it’s tough when I know Bryan is doing what he can to look for a job and take care of Nell. She needs a ton of attention. Thankfully, my bosses are incredible understanding and have been very patient with me.

I have felt the loneliness more than Bryan has, I think. Dropping my parents off at the airport left me feeling a little empty. They have since closed on the sale of their house, my childhood home. While it makes me incredibly sad to see that home leave our lives, I’m very excited to have them here with us soon. My dad will be here next week. Then, my mom will join us for Thanksgiving, go home for a few weeks, and then be here permanently before the end of the year. My grandparents close on the sale of their house at the end of October and I already have a place ready for them here. My aunt and uncle won’t be far behind them.

Bryan has submitted more job applications than I can count. It’s been very discouraging for him to receive nothing in return, except silence. We have found ourselves lacking prayer. So, today all three of us sat down together and prayed for guidance and peace. Not two hours later, Bryan receives an email from Bass Pro for an interview! How amazing is that? We forget what prayer can do for us.

Little Miss Nell, on the other hand, is having the time of her life. She is sitting up straight and not leaning so far forward as often. She has tried so many new foods. We’ll go into more detail about that below.

She has decided that sleeping through the night is no longer necessary for any of us. However, Bryan and I have been working on a daily schedule. And she has slept through the night for three nights in a row.

Let’s get back to the food. We’ve been working on her eating solids. I feel like we had to wait for-ev-er to get to this point. But she’s definitely more ready now than she was two months ago. So, here’s what she’s had so far. And if you follow me on any kind of social media you have, no doubt, seen the adorable videos of her trying new food.

First up is green beans. These are probably her favorite and most eaten food. She gets so excited for another bite.

Next was carrots. I decided to make all her food. However, the carrots and her baby bullet didn’t get a long. They came out chunky and weird and she didn’t like it at all. So, I did buy a small container of carrots to see if it was the chunky texture or the taste. It was definitely the taste. She does NOT like carrots, so we won’t be having those again for a while. Maybe I’ll try to combine them with another food later.

Then we tried sweet potatoes. The jury is still out on this one. She doesn’t hate them, but she also doesn’t love them like she does the green beans. We’ll keep trying.

This morning we tried bananas. She definitely like them. But we still have to work on it. She seemed unsure, but she did eat all of them.

Finally, she had avocado tonight. SHE. LOVED. THEM! She was shaking with excitement and kept opening her mouth for more. I was cracking up. She was so adorable.

In a few days, we’ll move on to applesauce and pears.

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