Meet Nell

Meet Nell

Little Miss Nellie-Anne is a completely new baby. She is doing things that she has never done before. But before we get to that I want to tell you about her dedication.

On Friday, September 11th Bryan and I dedicated Nellie to God. We promised to raise her in faith and with biblical values and love. We promised to make God the center of our family in order to teach her those values.

We invited family and friends to join us in person and via Facebook Live for this special moment. It was beautiful and perfect and everything I wanted it to be.

Side note: the white dress she is wearing was a gift from a very dear friend of mine, Bettina. She gave it to me as a gift at my baby shower. She said that the lady that made it prayed over every stitch while Nell was in the NICU. It felt fitting that she would wear it to her dedication.

Now, on to the updates.

Nell is desperately trying to crawl. She can get her knees up underneath herself, but can’t figure out how to use her arms and knees together. She’s figure out how to scoot her body forward using her knees. And she can push herself back using her arms. We’re hoping soon she figures out that those body parts can be used together to go forward.

Miss Nell has definitely found her voice. The child screams just to scream. We’re convinced that she just wants to hear herself. When she screams and we look to see what’s wrong she just smiles and laughs. She talks nonstop unless she’s sleeping. I wish I could attach a video. We’ve been taking so many because her little noises are so adorable. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see those.

It’s not difficult to get her to smile now, which I absolutely love. All we have to do is look at her or make a noise and she’s got a grin that spreads across her whole face.

Our sweet babe has had some very exciting things happen in the last day or so. I had a telephone appointment with her doctor to ask about whether or not she needed to stay on the preemie formula she’s been on. When we told her doctor that she weighs about 18 pounds now she said, ‘Oh my, she’s definitely further ahead than she needs to be for that formula. Go ahead and take her off the extra calories.”

Along with moving up into 3-6 month clothing, she’s also now in size 2 diapers! She’s getting so big and I don’t think I can handle it.

We fall more in love every single day.

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