Mommy Meltdown

Mommy Meltdown

Question for the mommies. Does it make you sad when your babes get too big for their clothes and have to move up to the next size?

I’m there. Nell is getting to big for her 0-3 month clothing and is ready for 3-6 months. This isn’t new to us. I felt it a little when we moved from preemie to newborn, but I was excited to see her grow. I really felt it when we moved from newborn to 0-3. It’s a rough transition. She’s growing too quickly for the mama.

This brings me to my little meltdown the other day. We’ve known for about 2 weeks that our 0-3 days were coming to an end. So, I began looking at what she had in 3-6. Come to find out 75% of that section of her closer is not 3-6 months, but rather just a solid 3 months.

It might sound like this is fine. But the problem is that 3 months is just slightly bigger, if not exactly the same, as 0-3 months. So, now we have all of these adorable little outfits that still have tags that she might not get to wear.

I was so sad. We have all these rompers and dresses that are too small because I didn’t pay attention to the sizes. The one that had me really sad was her little OshKosh B’gosh overalls. I tried them on her to see how long they would fit.

Yea, that’s not happening. The girl is so long that I had to pull the straps as long as they would go and it was still way too small. We’ll save them for our next baby. But honestly, how did I miss the opportunity for her to go out in this outfit?

I put her in a few other things to see how they’d fit. We’re right at the end with these outfits. So, right now if she drools or spits up even a little we change. That way she can wear them at least once.

Here’s another of her 3 month outfits. Today, it was a church dress.

Before I leave, here are some Nell updates:

– 8 months actual / 5 months adjusted

– weighs about 15lbs

– ~ 25” long

– loves to hear her voice

– almost sitting unsupported

– still loves Maui (from Moana)

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