Let The Packing Begin

Let The Packing Begin

We’ve begun packing for our move to Missouri. This is only 8 boxes of, I’m sure, a ton more. Let me put into perspective how much we’ll be packing and how many boxes we’ll have. These 8 boxes are: 2 boxes of my books, 1 box of Nell’s, 1 box for my nightstand/jewelry/misc closet items, 1 box for Bry’s nightstand/shoes/hats, 3 boxes of everyday/holiday wall decor. That’s it. And we have all of this wall decor to pack, but it’s all too big for regular boxes.

I’m going through phases with packing. I’m definitely stressed out because there is so much to get done. But it’s also a little emotional. This house is so much more than a house. It’s our first. It’s where we found out that I was pregnant. It’s where we brought her home. It’s where we’ve built our life.

It’s going to sound dumb, but the one thing that got me a little teary eyed was emptying the bookcase. This bookcase isn’t actually mine, it’s Hilary’s. It belonged to her great-grandmother, Anne. And she has been so gracious to let me have it in my home for so long after she moved out.

There have also been a few moments where we’ve found things we have seen in a long time. And things that made us laugh. Here’s a great example of the latter.

In 2016, our friend Destiny asked for our wedding date. She needed it for a gift she was getting for my bridal shower. She was so excited. And then, AFTER, receiving the gift she realized I had given her the wrong date. I’m pretty sure I’m the only bride to forget her wedding date. I found the gift while packing. My wedding date was 11/12 not 11/11. Sorry, Destiny.

I really am looking forward to starting new in Missouri. I have no regrets and I know we’re making the right decision for our family. But this whole process isn’t as easy as I thought it might be.

Pray for us. Pray for the next month. There’s a lot happening and it’s all new territory.

One thought on “Let The Packing Begin

  1. Praying for you sweetie you got this you are super ultra organized. Just take a deep breath and one box at a time.


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