One Year [And A Few Weeks] Ago

One Year [And A Few Weeks] Ago

One year ago, July 26th, something didn’t feel right. I was late, which was very abnormal for me. But Bryan and I had decided about 2 months before then to start trying for a baby. So, I figured it couldn’t hurt to take a test. I had avoided doing this because I didn’t want to be disappointed if it was negative.

3 minutes later this is what I saw. I took each test hours apart because I didn’t believe it. And I didn’t even wait to tell Bryan in a cute way.

Here’s how that happened:

Me: *flinging open the bathroom door, in tears* “do you see what I see?”

Bry: “what?” *taking the test out of my hand.*

Me: …

Bry: “Holy sh*t!”

We were looking at the same positive symbol.

We hadn’t been trying for very long. I had stopped my birth control in early June and we found out I was pregnant at the end of July. Needless to say, we were shocked at how quickly it had happened.

We decided we wanted to tell our families the next day. The hard about this was that I was going to be spending the better part of the morning with my in-laws and Bryan was at work. So I couldn’t say anything. Except I did say something. I had to tell someone because I was dying inside.

Hilary and I had driven over to the church together for the event we were helping with. I kept up the conversation the entire way there. I knew that if I stopped talking about what we were I would lose it and spill the beans. Not that it mattered.

When she parked the car I turned and said, “okay. I can’t do this. I have something to tell you.” She just stared at me until she figured it out. I didn’t even have to say the words. She also figured out that that was the reason I kept the conversation going.

She laughed at me the entire morning because I was doing everything I possibly could to stay away from my in-laws. She laughed harder when, during a break time my mother-in-law, Renee, mentioned an article that popped up on her Facebook feed about baby names. I almost spit out my water. And suddenly the restroom was calling my name.

We did eventually tell them that afternoon after Bry got off work. Hil and I went to Target and I bought little baskets. In the baskets I had a onesie, a bib, burp rags, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and a few other little things.

We told his parents first. His mom didn’t understand at first. I held the basket in front of her and the positive tests were on top. She thought I was asking her to take some things up to Oregon for my nieces. But it clicked after a while. It was a very special moment for all of us.

We told my parents that evening. I hadn’t even made it all the over to them before my mom was all excited because she saw the basket. Hugs and high fives went to Bryan first. Because, you know, he was about to do all the work.

We sent texts and did FaceTime calls with all of the important people in our lives. And it was the best. We are so blessed to have so many people that mean so much to us and love us.

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