Not Quite Newborn Photos

Not Quite Newborn Photos

I’ve talked extensively about my struggles as a preemie/NICU mama. All those moments Bryan and I missed out on because our little firecracker decided she just couldn’t wait any longer to meet us. There were so many. But the one that pulls at my mama heart the most is missing out on getting Nell’s newborn photos.

A lot of photographers have said that newborns photos are best done in the first 14 days. Well, our first 14 days were not ideal for photos. And our first 14 days home were weird because of the COVID shutdown. Needless to say, we didn’t really have any opportunities to have those beautiful newborn photos taken.

Enter: Courtney Folsom.

Courtney is my cousin (I’ve written about her before). There are so many wonderful things about her. One of them is that she is an incredibly talented photographer. She jumped at the chance to take photos of Nell. But these weren’t just any photos.

Since deciding to move, Bryan and I have been cleaning out every part of our house. One of the items I came across was my wedding dress. I love my dress, but I don’t want to take it with me. I won’t do anything with it. So, I asked if she would do photos of Nell with my dress. I thought that would be the perfect final task for that dress.

Please note the beautiful pearls Nell is wearing. Those were gifted to me by Bryan’s grandmother, Joan. They belonged to her mother, Anne. Nellie-Anne is named after her.

Courtney asked if I could also bring any Harry Potter items I had so she could do a theme shoot. How could I say no to that?

You guys, these photos will not disappoint. I may have had to wait for them and she may not be a newborn, but they are so perfect. They are exactly what I needed to get away from the fact that I didn’t get them when she was first born. Also, they fit her little personality so well!

Courtney, thank you. Thank you so much for doing this and helping lift that weight off me. There aren’t many things I struggle with now, but that was one of them. And now I won’t. Love you so much!

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