I’m on the verge of tears as I type this. And not because I’m sad. Because I’m frustrated with myself. You guys, I am a planner. I’m the planner of all planners. The planner master, if you will. And that may seem extreme, but it’s true. I make packing lists. I make lists for my lists because I don’t want to forget anything. And it always went well. That was, until today.

If you talk to my husband he’ll tell you I’m crazy when it comes to making sure I have everything we need. And it’s rare that I forget something. But ever since I got pregnant with Nell my brain has decided it’s going to gradually begin to forget those things I always spend so much time making sure I have.

When we planned this trip to Missouri I set aside a spread in my journal to make two packing lists. One for me and one for Nell. They aren’t perfect, but I had pretty much everything we needed listed there. And I even made sure to tell Bryan that we should bring her birth certificate, just in case. Because you never know.

I got the suitcase packed perfectly. Her stuff on one side and my stuff on the other. Enough onesies to last a lifetime. Bath stuff. Headbands because we have to look cute. Check. Check. Check. I was on a roll. We had everything.


May 23, 2020.

We get to LAX about 6:30, which was plenty of time before our 8am flight because it’s was virtually empty. Allegiant was the only airline with a line. Checking our bags was easy. So, to security we go.

OMG. I FORGOT HER BIRTH CERTIFICATE! The ONE thing I thought I was so smart to have thought of and I forgot it. I’m practically crying because I’m so nervous that they’ll ask for it. Normally, I would be a little irritated with myself, but my mommy hormones are making me nuts. So, I’m tearing up. And then a sweet lady behind us, that overheard why I was upset, said, “Don’t worry. They won’t ask for it.” And they didn’t.

Going through security was a whole other frustrating thing. Take the baby out of the car seat. Take the car seat off the stroller. Put the car seat and base through separately. Stroller doesn’t fit? Okay, we’ll take it to the side and wipe it down. Oh, no! I thought I saw something in your bag. Check that. Nothing? Okay, here you go. In hindsight, it was less than 5 minutes, but I had to wake Nell up and I felt bad. And it felt like 20 minutes. Dumb, I know. Calm down, Erica.

We head to our gate and I realize I have NO diapers. Because…brain. This morning I changed Nell when she woke up. And then 35 minutes later she pooped. I had told Bry at the house that I needed to grab diapers from his suitcase because I was using the last one from the diaper bag. I remembered to remind my mom to pull her cream cheese out of the fridge, but I forgot my daughter’s diapers. Priorities, right?

So, now I’m frantic because what if she needs a diaper change on the plane? I don’t want her to sit in a wet or, even worse, a poopy diaper. Who do I call? My mama. Because, obviously, she knows everything. She tells me to look around for another baby and go to that mom and ask for a diaper. Doesn’t matter the size, just see if they have a spare.

I see a mom! Sweet. I walk over to her:

“I am so sorry to bother you, but I have a newborn, I’m a new mom, and I don’t have any diapers for her for the plane ride. Would you happen to have one that I can have?”

“It might be a little big, but of course. I remember traveling with my daughter when she was that little and how chaotic it feels.”

“Thank you so much?” *literally hugging a size 3 diaper*

I got back on the phone with my mom because she waited to see what happened. She called it a body diaper. So, at least we won’t have any issues there. Hopefully, that’s not the diaper she chooses to poop in.

At this point it’s not even 8am. That’s how insane our morning went.

Now, we’re on the plane and I’m a wreck. I know how I feel on planes with my ears popping and everything. And I feel horrible that my sweet little baby is going to be in pain. You guys, she didn’t even wake up. I think my ears hurt worse than hers. We had to wake her up to feed her. She took take-off like a champ!

Now that I have you all caught-up. We’ll do real-time updates for the rest of this post. [times in PST because that’s what my phone tells me]

8:20 – ladies come down the aisle offering drinks and snacks. Nell LOVES one of the flight attendants. She smiled from ear to ear every time this lady said something to her. Every attendant stopped to say hi after that and she smiled at all of them.

8:25 – the nice man behind us says Hi to Nell. I lift her up so she can see him and she projectile spits up all over my shoulder. #momlife

8:40 – Nell is asleep again because planes don’t bother her.


8:45 – sleep lasted 5 minutes. She’s trying to stretch, but there isn’t enough room on the seat. So, she’s watching Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker with daddy.

9:20 – Nell and daddy fell asleep.

9:40 – apparently sleep is for the weak.

10:15 – Nell is squirmy so it’s time to change her diaper. Thankfully, I have this diaper from that amazing mom. It literally goes past her waist and almost to her armpits. [photo below]

10:25 – nah, mom. I’m tired! She’s out again.

10:35 – we’ve begun descending into Springfield and I’m dying because there’s so much pressure in my sinuses. And then there’s Nell, fast asleep in daddy’s arms not even realizing I was so worried that she wouldn’t do well. Girlfriend is a badass. Has been since day 1.

1:00 [CT] – we’ve gotten off the plane and she’s still happy.

I’m so proud of Nell. There was a lady that told us we have such a good baby. And another lady whipped her head around and said, “there was a baby here?” Nell absolutely crushed her first flight.

Here’s a fun story for you before we end.

Bryan and I are DEFINITELY from California. I put our destination in Waze and it told us to turn left into SH-B and instead of saying “state highway” I actually said “SH-B”. And also THE 44 instead of I-44. Omg, They’re going to hate us here. HAHA.


3 thoughts on “LAX > SGF

  1. GIRL! You are so hard on yourself! Try to relax a little and truly enjoy each experience… they won’t come again. Maybe similar but not the same. Know that you are an AWESOME Mama with an awesome hubby and truly awesome child. All will be well. Enjoy this time!


  2. That was a great story if I’m tired after reading it I’m glad it all went well praying you have a great trip. And Sandy that was genius I would have never thought of that


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