70 Days Out.

70 Days Out.

Today we break even. Today, Nellie-Anne has spent as many days out of the NICU as she did in the NICU. Today, we are 70 days out.

How insane is that? The 70 days she spent in the NICU felt like a lifetime. And now that she’s been out for just as long the two timelines just don’t feel like the same length of time. It’s an entirely different feeling. And if you’ve ever experienced anything like it, you know.

During her 70 days home Nell has:

  • gained 3lbs 6oz
  • grown 2.7 inches
  • gone from 2oz every feeding to 4.5oz
  • found her voice
  • started smiling
  • she’s rolled over from her tummy to her back
  • she’s almost got full control of her head

It feels almost silly to be exciting about something so odd. The fact that she’s been home as many days as she was in the NICU. But it’s so amazing to watch her grow in her home, with us.

March 10 – May 19:

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