A Blog Post About Blog Posts

A Blog Post About Blog Posts

You know those movies and TV shows that are about people starring in a movie or TV show? A movie in a movie. That’s kind of what this post is like. This post is about other posts.

May 14, 2020, 11:16am. *ding* text from Binx (my brother-in-law, Zach)

“Hey, today you’ll be getting our baby shower gift in the mail. You were both destined to be parents. We love you.”

Okay, first, I already had tears reading that text. It was such a sweet thing to say. I hadn’t even seen what they had sent us and I was emotional. So, that should tell you what is about to happen to me, emotionally.

1:03pm. *ding* Someone rang the doorbell. (Thanks, SimpliSafe)

I decided to FaceTime Bryan because, through the doorbell, he told me that it was the package from Zach and Brooke. What came out of that box was something I never expected.

It was a book. A book made up of my blog posts from January 9, 2020 (my first post) through March 10, 2020 (when Nell came home).

Enter: tears. All. The. Tears. This book is 270 pages of heartfelt words about our time in the NICU. I poured my heart out in those posts and to have them physically in front of me is surreal.

My dad has been telling me for weeks that I need to print my blog and make it into a book for Nell to read one day. But I hadn’t found the right way to do it. And now, it’s here. Sitting on the table in front of me. And it’s beautiful.

I have opened the book, a few times, to random pages and I’m immediately transported back to that day. I can feel the atmosphere. I can smell the NICU. I can feel the emotions. I’m there. I’m back. I made a point to post every single day because I didn’t want to miss anything. And now I have 60 days worth of posts about Nell’s ups and downs in this amazing book.

Zach & Brooke, thank you. Thank you for such a beautiful gift. I don’t know if I have the words to really tell you how I feel about this. You have made it possible for Bryan and I to tell Nellie her story. We love you both so much.

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