65 Days In

65 Days In

There is a show on A&E called 60 Days In where law-abiding citizens spend 60 days in the general population to help expose the root of the many issues within the jail system. These people learn how to adapt to new and unfamiliar surroundings. And listen, I’m absolutely not comparing our life with Nell to being in jail. What I am comparing it to is adapting to new and, sometimes, unfamiliar surroundings. Parenthood is an unfamiliar territory. No one can prepare you for this. No one.

May 14, 2020. 65 days in. We brought Nellie-Anne home from the NICU 65 days ago. 

We had a 4-month well-baby check-up today. Nellie-Anne is currently 4 months 13 days actual / 1 month 13 days adjusted. She weighs 9lbs 8 oz. She is 22.2in long. Her doctor is amazing. He said she is doing great for her age. She’s getting closer to the curve on the growth chart. Those lines are for average babies born full-term. You can see how close she is to that curve. The photo is zoomed so you can better see where she’s at on the chart. Left: weight. Right: length.


However, because she’s hasn’t hit the curve yet there are still a few things we have to continue. Mainly, she has to stay on the Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron vitamin and the 22 calorie Neosure for preemies. Her doctor is confident that at her next appointment, sometime around mid-July, we will be able to discontinue the Poly-Vi-Sol and switch to a vitamin D supplement. And also switch from the 22 cal Neosure to regular, non-special formula.

She got her 4-month shots today. And let me tell you, I was grossly unprepared for that moment. That moment where I was told to hold my daughter’s hands down and I had to watch her scream in pain. It. Was. Awful! She cried so hard she couldn’t breathe. Had I known she was getting them I would have sent her dad into the appointment with her. We’ve been monitoring her closely and, thankfully, she hasn’t had any spikes in her temperature. She’s been sleeping for a good part of the day; only waking up to eat and have her diaper changed.

Nell keeps us on our toes. Every day is different. Day 64 was different than 65. And day 66 will be different, too. 65 days in and we’re still learning. Still struggling, a little. Still becoming better parents. Still grateful for our sweet girl.

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