Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Did you watch Full House? In season 7 there’s an episode where Jesse teaches his twins a Mother’s Day song. I honestly don’t remember the rest of the episode, but I remember that song and still sing it in my head sometimes.

What day is today?

Today is Mother’s Day.

What day is today?

Today is Mother’s Day.

But on this particular Mother’s Day, it holds such a different meaning. Today, I get to celebrate with the sweet little girl that made me a mommy for the first time.

And with my wonderful husband that has spoiled me with the perfect breakfast and a sweet gift to celebrate my bond with Nell.

But what kind of mother would I be without a great example? I believe that you learn how to be a good mom by watching someone else. And whether that means you had a great mom, a not-so-great mom, a mother figure, or your mom wasn’t present (for whatever reason) you know what kind of mom you want to be based on that example or influence. Maybe you’re a better mom than yours was or maybe your mom showed you the kind of mom you want to be. Either way, in my opinion, it’s learned.

I learned from my mom. And to say she’s amazing would be a huge understatement. She is kind, patient, and beyond loving. She has shown me how to own up to my mistakes and learn from them. She knows when to give me advice and when to just listen. She can put me in my place quicker than anyone. She loves hard and prays harder. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for being the example I needed to be a great mom to Nellie-Anne. Even better than being my mom, she’s Nell’s grandma and I love that Nell will also get that example.

But the great thing is that I don’t just have my mom. I have so many women that speak love and truth into my life. I wrote about my mom’s village a while back. Those women have also taught me so much about being a good mom.

So, thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for Nell. And thank you to every woman in my life that is a mom. You have all been great examples of amazing mamas.

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