Preparing To Travel With A Baby

Preparing To Travel With A Baby


Bryan, Nell, and I are traveling at the end of the month. I’ll explain why we’re going a little later in this post. We booked our flights with Delta, mid-April because we got a great deal. For whatever reason, I decided to check on the status of our flights. When I logged into Delta’s website I noticed that our flight was no longer departing from Ontario but from LAX. Okay, no big deal. The big deal was that our connecting flight in Atlanta had also been changed and we weren’t going to make it because it would leave before we even landed. Oh, and that’s also the only flight for our route that day. I was pissed. I get that things are crazy and the airlines are having to make changes. But, bro, tell me that my flight has been changed! That’s the part that made me the maddest. What if I hadn’t checked? We would have ended up in Ontario for a flight that didn’t exist. I don’t know what made me check, but I’m glad I did.

I tried canceling our flights online so I could get my money back and book elsewhere. But it wouldn’t let me. So, I called Delta. Except there was a wait time of 2 hours and 13 minutes. I waited on the phone for 2 hours and 34 minutes. About 4 minutes after finally being connected with someone we had been fully refunded and I was off the phone. I was able to rebook with another airline. And our rental car company was super helpful in modifying my rental. Hats off to Avis for great customer service.

Delta airlines airplane preparing for landing in the blue sky at day time in international airport

Okay, so why are we traveling?

Before Nellie-Anne was born, Bryan and I decided that we would like to move out of California. We knew that we wanted to choose a location where we already knew people. We’ve been trying to decide between three states: Oregon – Bryan’s brother and his family live up there, North Carolina – Bryan’s best friend and his wife live there, and Missouri – where I have some family (my aunt, uncle, cousins, and most recently my little brother).

We have been to Oregon together and we’ve been to North Carolina together, but Bryan has never been to Missouri. And while I think it’s beautiful there and he would love it, he needs to see it for himself. So, we’ll be flying to Missouri at the end of May to visit my family and look at potential homes.


This trip, however, will be very, very different. This time I don’t just have to pack and prepare for myself. I have to do it for Nell, also. And doing that is a lot of work. We had to purchase a gate check bag for her car seat and another for her stroller. We have to figure out how our personal items and carry-ons will work so that we have everything we need for her on the flight. There is so much to think about. How will I travel with her formula? Can I take water on the plane since we use a specific kind of water for her? How will we handle diaper changes? The girl never stops moving, so using the bathrooms will be difficult. And that’s if they even have a space to use for changing her. Otherwise, what do we do? You guys, I haven’t even started thinking about what we’ll actually pack for her.

She and I are sharing a suitcase. In my head it makes sense. In my head, I think everything will fit. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. I mean, I won’t need to pack anything super big. No jackets or boots. It’ll be warm enough in Missouri at the time we’re going. But her? Man, she needs everything! Is half a large suitcase enough for her?

Any mamas want to offer advice? Will we make it? Are we going to lose ourselves in all the prep? Anything I absolutely can’t forget?

One thought on “Preparing To Travel With A Baby

  1. Bro,
    You can never have enough wipes. Formulas not a problem but they will check it for “explosive residue” at security; no biggie and they’re usually super nice to moms about it. People on the plane will stare, but ALL the ones that aren’t, have been there or understand. At the end of the day it’s about getting you and yours to where you need to be as comfortably and safely as you can. Water in the amount she’s gonna need for flights should be fine I would double check with the airline and remember if she sleeps you should do it with her, or it will feel like you never will. Lol you got this. Have Bryan go with a carry on for you guys and the other can be for just Nell 😉


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