Handmade With Love

Handmade With Love

Remember how I said Nell has ALL THE STUFF? The stuff includes these amazing, wonderful, handmade blankets. Nellie got 11 handmade blankets at her baby shower. ELEVEN! This doesn’t include the 8 other blankets that were gifted to her. Here’s the parade of handmade blankets Little Miss received.

First up, this cross-stitched Mother Goose nursery rhyme blanket made by my mama. She spent endless hours making sure this got done in time for Nell’s shower. How beautiful is this?

This next one was sent to Nell by Dooney (Bryan’s Aunt Laura). Every time we wash this it gets softer and I love that.

This next one has me wanting to call it mine and not Nell’s. It’s a HARRY POTTER blanket! So, it’s possible this might not belong to her for very long. This was gifted to Nell by a family from the school I work at. She said her mom made it. And I just can’t get enough of this blanket.

These next ones were given to Nell while she was in the NICU. There are ladies that volunteer to make blankets and hats for the babies. Nell also has a super cute hat that was handmade by one of these beautiful women.

I’ve talked a lot about the church we attend, Sandals Church. This place is our second home. We love the people that we are surrounded by when we’re there. We have met some really wonderful people through the offering ministry. When we told them I was pregnant they were so excited for me and it felt like I was telling family. One of the ladies I serve alongside, Maggi, made this adorable blanket for Nellie and we love it.


Nell’s Nana made this next one. Joan is Bryan’s grandmother. We are so lucky that Nell will get to know her Great-Grandma. I never got the chance to know mine, so it makes it that much more special.


Next up is a blanket made by Ashley, one of my closest friends. Ashley and I have known each other for just about 22 years. I was blessed to get a phone call when she found out she was pregnant with her oldest, Kylee. And I was even more blessed to be with her when she had her first ultrasound with her youngest, Luke.


My best friend of 20 years, Coral, made this next one. Fun fact: Coral and I have known each other for 22 years, BUT couldn’t stand each other for the first two years. Now, she’s like my sister and Nell is so wonderfully lucky to have her as an auntie. With this blanket comes a small softie. Nell loves her little softie!

This blanket was made by my grandma’s cousin, Joanne. We used it to take Nell’s first Easter photos. This is such a beautiful blanket.

Another very close friend of mine, Lindsay, made this next one. Lindsay and I have known each other since we were in preschool. So, almost our entire lives. She told me that she had this blanket ready to go long before I was even pregnant. She also gifted me a beautiful Angels baseball blanket for my 21st birthday. AND the blankie I previously wrote about that used to belong to my niece, Madison, was also made by Lindsay.

This last one was made by a long-time friend of my mom’s. Jodi has been in a bunco group with my mom for years. This was actually the first handmade blanket Nell received.


These blankets are so special to us. We are so lucky to have these ladies in our lives. Thank you, all, so much for showering Nell and me with love. We will always have a piece of you with us now.

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