Revenge Of The Baby Stuff

Revenge Of The Baby Stuff

Diapers. Wipes. Onesies. Burp rags. Bottles. Formula. Pacifiers. Towels. Washcloths. Carseat. Stroller. Bassinet. Blankets. ALL THE BLANKETS!

Who knew babies came with ALL THE STUFF? And if you did know, why didn’t you warn me? Why did no one tell me that I would need a bigger house to hold all her stuff? Seriously, where are my mama friends? NO ONE TOLD ME!

*The photo of her closet below isn’t even HALF of what she has*

We can’t walk through the living room without tripping over something. There isn’t any room on the couch because she needs all the stuff. Don’t even get me started on our bedroom. I can’t get in or out of bed without moving a bassinet. Oh and the laundry! Just when I think I’ve got it all done there’s more!

My house isn’t even mine anymore. And while I wouldn’t change that for anything, it would be nice to have a bit more organization for all the stuff. ALL THE STUFF!

**Also, it took me two days to write this post. Between trying to figure out why Nell is screaming her head off and drowning among all the stuff I haven’t had time to really sit down and finish writing.**

Nell update:

  • We haven’t taken her to the doctor since 3/26, but based on self-weighing she weighs about 8lbs. She’s becoming a true chunk-a-lunk.
  • She’s spending more time on her tummy. She’s so close to rolling over. When we put her on her tummy I put my phone on the table and record the entire time so I have it forever once it happens.  I’ll post a video when she finally rolls over.
  • She’s eating more and more. We’re up to about 4 ounces per feeding now.
  • She got to get all dressed up for Easter, even if we did have to stay home. We watched Sandals Church online (how cute are those praise hands?) and got dressed up for pictures afterward.
  • She loves bathtime, sitting in her boppy, and being held by her daddy.

One thought on “Revenge Of The Baby Stuff

  1. If you think she has stuff now….just WAIT! The Barbie period is especially awesome due to the fact that every Barbie (even the knock-offs) come with an array of “extras”. Tiny shoes. Hair brushes. Crowns. Purses. and on and on. Then the Diva period. Shoes for each outfit. Hair bows, scrunchies, etc., dresses that “twirl”, princess dresses, dresses with sparkle. And all this is BEFORE the tween and teen years. Need I say more? Yup! Larger house!


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