Life In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Life In The Middle Of A Pandemic




1. (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.


Having a newborn right now is a little scary.

Truth be told, I wasn’t panicking. But I was scared. I was scared because we hadn’t been grocery shopping and we really didn’t have anything that we needed. One of the things we needed was toilet paper. Of course, right? We also needed things like pasta, rice, and bread. And on top of that, we also needed formula. How was it that we needed all of the things people were going crazy over?

We needed more than what we had. And this little girl is who I was the most scared for.

On March 13th I was invited to dinner with some friends. This was the same day that President Trump had declared a national emergency. I got into my car and cried. I cried a tearful prayed for my little family. I prayed that our Mighty God would take care of us during this time.

I put my friend’s address into Waze and headed where it told me. When I reached the point of getting off the freeway I noticed a Stater Bros. grocery store and figured I would go in just to see what I could get. I was able to fill an entire cart with pasta, cereal, frozen foods, bread, a few cleaning supplies, milk, butter, etc.

Here’s why this story is important: the exit I got off on wasn’t my friend’s exit. I had to get back on the freeway and drive another 4 miles. There was no reason that I would have needed to get off before her exit. Except for one. God knew that that store had what my family needed to get by. I wish I had a photo of my car when I piled all the bags into it. My tiny, little Prius was barely able to hold everything.

Since then, our friends and family have been absolutely incredible. We have received multiple calls and text messages asking if we have everything we need. We’ve had people offer to get us diapers, wipes, and formula for Nell. We’ve had family members offer to look for food that we needed.

Now, we have everything we need. Bryan is off of work because they closed their doors until the end of the month. Lucky for me, he won’t have to go back until the end of June because his FMLA leave kicks in before Party City reopens. Together, we can focus on keeping our sweet girl healthy and happy.

Nell Updates:

We have taken her to two doctor appointments. Everything is great. She’s gaining weight little-by-little, she’s eating all the time, and she’s learning how to live with us and not in the NICU.

We took our first car ride (after bringing her home) to see her doctor. Her first walk in the park was a few days ago with her dog-ster, Lucy. Lucy is also acting as a protector for Nell. She loves to be anywhere Nell is.


Thank you, everyone, for offering to help us during this time. We love all of you.

2 thoughts on “Life In The Middle Of A Pandemic

  1. Hey girly. Remember I’m at work everyday and no need for you to try to go out to the store so if you are in need of anything let me know and I can bring it to you (that is if we have it lol) love you all!!



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