Last night I went to a Production & Worship Gathering for Sandals Church. The message was given by Melody Workman and it was nothing short of amazing.

She talked about how we need to mature in our faith and let go of childish things in order to lead others. She also talked about some of the things she’s experienced as a mom.

And then I realized that, like so many others, there are still childish sins that I need to let go of. I need to do that because I need to be more mature in my faith so that I can lead my daughter as she gets older. The better I am at leading her, the better she’ll be at leading those around her as she matured in her own faith

Nell updates:

– she weighs 2670g > 5lbs 14.1oz

– she’s taking about 95% of her feedings! We’re getting close to 100%. Once she’s there, she’ll need to stay there for 3 days and then they’ll begin the process of sending her home.

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