Elevator 14

Elevator 14

We have been going back and forth from the hospital for more than 8 weeks! And not all of those visit have been as amazing as they have been recently.

When we were still in Fontana we started playing this game where we would guess which elevator would open first. Each elevator had its own number. So, before we got to them we would each pick a number. We continued this game when we moved to Ontario.

For the record, the score is 19-11. I’m winning.

Ontario’s elevators are numbered 11, 12, 13, and 14. We’ve been at Ontario for a month. And just last week we realized they elevator number 14 has NEVER opened. We just assumed that it was one that only staff could use.

That was until yesterday. When my parents and I left elevator #14 OPENED! For the very first time I got to use elevator 14!

Later that same day Bryan was leaving the hospital. He got to use elevator #14! Twice in one day?!

I know this sounds kind of dumb, but it has been a small shining light during such a weird, dark time in our lives. And every day Nell has progressed and gotten bigger and stronger. But we still needed something small that would make us laugh and have a good time.

How sweet is that little face? Our sweet Nell is kicking the NICU’s ass right now. She is absolutely crushing every single goal the nurses put in front of her.

She’s still working on bottle feeding everything. But every day she gets more and that means she gets closer to coming home.

She currently weighs 5lbs 10.1oz. She’ll be 6lbs by the end of the week!

Nell also had a new visitor this weekend. Her cousin, Evan, came to see her.

We’re so close. Her baby shower is next weekend. And my mom and I actually got nervous that it may have been scheduled too late. And while I don’t think she’ll be coming home before then, I KNOW it’s going to be sooner than we think.

Here’s a fun little video for your weekend. I don’t know where this noise came from, but I love it  However, she’s going to have to figure out how not to freak mommy and daddy out in the middle of the night.

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