What Daddy Doesn’t Know Makes Him…Dirty.

What Daddy Doesn’t Know Makes Him…Dirty.

Bryan and I schedule our visits with Nell around her feeding times. That way, we can do her cares. This includes taking her temperature, changing her diaper/clothes, and giving her a bath (every three nights).

Tonight was bath night. We got there early so we wouldn’t miss it. It was daddy’s turn to do her cares. He took her temperature. 98.2, great! Then, he started changing her diaper. Since we were giving her a bath he figured he would just take her diaper off so we could be ready.

He takes her diaper off, wipes her up a little and waits. All of a sudden we hear this fart-like sound come from Nell’s direction. We look down and there is poop…everywhere. The girl doesn’t hold back.

Now, her freshly wiped butt is dirty again. Along with her onesie, her blanket, and her cords. He gets her as clean as he can, gets her onesie off and moves her to the scale to be weighed and washed.

*Side note: I tried telling him not to hold her too close because she was still dirty with some poop. But, as most men do, he didn’t listen and got poop on his shirt.*

The scales has been prepped. It has a pad to soak up any water and a blanket so she has something soft to lay on. Bry gets her there and we wait for her nurse to come over and weigh her. She poops AGAIN!

We could tell that she hadn’t pooped in a while. Because she was releasing a lot in such a short amount of time. But, of course, she waits until we’re there to let it all out.

Her nurse tells us to put a diaper on her just in case and we’ll wash her cute little butt last. Thankfully, the rest of bath time went just fine. But, seriously, with the amount of poop that came out of her I can’t believe she actually gained weight.

This is what were left with at the end of the night to clean.

Nell Updates:

– Even after all the poop, she now officially weighs MORE than 5 pounds! She is at 2320g > 5lbs 1.8oz.

– This morning she was bottle fed a little bit. She got 15ml over 7 minutes. Her OT said she did very well. She has no doubts she’ll latch on just fine when the time is right.

– We also did a “dry breastfeed” tonight around 6:00. That means that she tried to latch on even though I’ve pumped everything out. She did okay. She didn’t latch, but they was expected. She did feel around a little with her tongue. And she let her mouth just kind of rest right around my breast. Considering we’ve never done it before, she did wonderful!

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