Sew Many Memories

Sew Many Memories

When we were kids, around July every year Aunt Karen would ask us what we wanted to be for Halloween. She would take us to JoAnn’s to find a pattern and fabric. And we would spend the day at her house so she could get all of our measurements before she started sewing.

Every year she would make costumes for me, my little brother, and my cousin. Every. Single. Year. Until we were old enough to not want to wear them anymore.

I don’t know how old I was in these but here are a few of the costumes she made me (and Adam).

50s Girl.

Cinderella & John Smith.

Rose from Titanic.

Esmerelda & a Street Shark.

A fun little story about this year. Adam told her he wanted to be a street shark. The only problem was that she had no idea what that was or how to make it. You wouldn’t have known that she hadn’t been doing this for very long when she made this one. She crushed it the year she made that.

Not only did she make our costumes but she would make some of my clothes.

When I found out I was pregnant with Nellie I asked Aunt Karen how she felt about breaking out her sewing machine again. In July, hopefully, we’ll get to talk about what Nell will be for Halloween.


Nell Updates:

– She has a new, smaller nasal cannula. She is now on low-flow oxygen. 1L at 21%. They’ll work their way down on her oxygen until she’s off.

– The OT is going to start working more with her on nippling. She drank 15ml from a bottle last night. So, they’ll continue to bottle feed for one feeding each day.

– As soon as I get a chance to meet with the OT well start trying to breastfeed. This will start with a dry breastfeed (I’ll pump first). And then we’ll move on to her actually feeding straight from me.

– She’s has her follow up eye exam. They didn’t find anything worrisome, but her retina is still premature so she’ll have another exam in 3 weeks.

– She’s continuing to gain weight and get stronger every day.

Our girl got some daddy time tonight.

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