34 Weeks

34 Weeks

It would have happened today.

Today would have been Nell’s birthday had she stayed in as long as the doctors wanted her to.

December 28, 2019

“You’re 26 weeks 3 days right now. It would be great if we can keep her in until 32 weeks. It would be even better if we can keep her in until 34 weeks…”

I did the math and figured that I would be laying in that hospital bed until at least February 19, 2020. That was still 7 1/2 weeks away and the thought of not being able to get out of that bed made me want to cry.

I wouldn’t think twice about it now. Now, I would welcome the idea of her being able to continue growing inside me for 7 more weeks. Now, I would want to stay in that bed where they could monitor us until it was time.

Tonight, we would have not only been celebrating 10 wonderful years together but also our sweet girl’s birthday.

But she’s here. And we’re doing it. So, I won’t dwell on what could have been. On what I wanted. Instead, I’ll give God all the glory for this amazing little life he has blessed us with.

Here’s what I love about the fact that she’s already here: she has gotten to meet and be held by so many that love her to pieces.

Two of my favorite visits: our grandparents, her great-grandparents.

Great-Grandpa: Jim; Great-Grandma Mousie

Great-Grandma: Joan – better known as Nana.

I love that she’ll get to know them like we did. We both have such special relationships with them and I want her to have that, too.

Nell Updates:

– she now weighs 2155g > 4lbs 12oz!

– her feedings are down to 45 minutes and she’s tolerating very well. And she’s getting 40ml every three hours.

– her breathing is improving every day. Currently, she is on 1.5L at 21%. If she does well at 21%, then they’ll wean her down to 1L which is basically room air – what we breathe every day.

Our girl smiles all the time. And loves the grab at her tubes. She’s moving along at an alarming rate. We’re so proud of her. ❤️

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