Who Needs Oxygen?

Who Needs Oxygen?

When Nell was first transferred, I was told that every once in a while we would see one of the Neonatologists from Fontana. We’ve seen two so far. Today, it was Dr. Truong.

He walked over to Nell’s bed and asked if I remembered him. He told me that he remembered Nellie and her story. Then he began what he could of his assessment.

He looked at her oxygen. At the time she was on 2L at 23%. He shook his head and said, “Oh no. No. That’s too high.” So. He turned it down to 21% (the lowest they can go) and changed the alarm parameters on their monitor. He still thought it was too high. So, staying at 21%, he lowered it AGAIN to 1.5L. This was at 10am.

She did really well during that visit. Her oxygen didn’t need to be turned up at all.

When I went back around 2pm they had her at 1L! Her oxygen was slowly being weaned all day. She, again, did very well during the visit and didn’t need her oxygen turned up.

I asked her nurse, before I left, what the next step after 1L was and she said, “That’s it. After that, she’s off. .5L doesn’t really do anything. So we would try her off the oxygen and see how she does.”

They didn’t take her off today. They’re giving her some time at 1L. But I’m so proud of her. She’s killing it in there right now.

She was also sucking a little on her pacifier. This is great since it shows us that she’s getting to the point where she might be able to bottle/breastfeed.

We went back again around 9pm so we could have some bonding with just the three of us. And it was wonderful. I can already tell that life with her will never be dull.

It was such a day for me to be there for all of that. I’ve been struggling lately with everything and to see something like that makes it all better.

I know we have to take it day by day. And I know that God has everything all worked out. And I know she’s going to be just fine. But when I’m standing there, by her bed, and she has an alarm going off or she has a little reflux or she cries all of those “I knows” go out the window.

I still sometimes need a minute to compose myself. But I always pull myself together for my sweet girl because I know she needs me to be the best I can be for her.

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