Nesting is defined by the American Pregnancy Association as the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for a new baby.

Nesting, for us, has looked a bit different. Little by little we’ve been able to get some things ready for her to come home. We’ve put her crib together, bought a few things for her nursery, and started decluttering the house to make room for her things.

I didn’t register for a changing table because, after a ton of conversations, I learned that I most likely wouldn’t ever use it. So, we decided that we wouldn’t get one. It works out really because her room is tiny and we had other, more necessary things that needed to be in there.

Today, in lieu of a changing table, we went to Ikea and bought a rolling cart. I found the idea on Pinterest. And I loved it. This way I can move the cart into any room I need to and it will have everything I need. I put it together tonight and it’s perfect. Now, all I need is the stuff to put in it.

Next, we’re working okay completely clearing her room of anything unnecessary and really making it hers. Right now there is still a bookcase that needs to be moved out and some things in the closet that can go elsewhere.

Once all of that is done, we’ll start hanging some wall art that we bought for her room and making sure it’s totally clean.

We can’t wait to have this sweet girl home with us.

Nell News:

This sweet little thing is showing us just how amazing she is. Every day she gets bigger and stronger.

She now weighs 2125 g > 4lbs 11oz! And she is beginning to really show signs of being ready to nipple. We’re very excited about that. As soon as she starts that we can begin breastfeeding. This mama really needs that.

She also loves holding her head up. Tonight, she held her head up for a good minute and just stared at Bryan.

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