Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is Nellie-Anne’s first Valentine’s Day. Her first holiday, in fact. And I’m so sad that she isn’t home with us. But I’m resting in the reassurance that she is with a group of nurses that love her. And they’ve made that very clear.

And even though she’s in the hospital, she’s still getting all the love as if she were home. She’s wearing a special onesie. I had planned for her to wear this one today because I thought it said “Auntie’s Love Bug” or “Auntie’s Little Love”. But I was wrong. And I don’t care. We put it on her anyway and pretended.

She also got a special valentine from grandma and papa! And her nurses taped it by her bed for her to see.

Her nurses also gave her a valentine! I am loving all the love our sweet girl is getting.

Her first Valentine’s Day has been so special. She had another new visitor. Auntie Ashley can today. She held for over an hour and Nell did SO WONDERFUL! Her stats were great the entire time. So great that her nurses actually turned her oxygen DOWN! Such a fun visit!

We hope you have all had a very happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

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