Busy, Busy Day

Busy, Busy Day

Our girl has had one busy day today. She has been loved on all day long.

I got to the hospital at about 9am. I like to be there just before her feeding times – 12, 3, 6, 9 am and pm. That way I can help do her cares. I take her temperature, change her diaper and her clothes, and swaddle her. After doing all of that, we got almost 2 hours of skin-to-skin. Wonderful bonding time!

I went back at about 3pm because Auntie Naomi wanted to visit. I went to get her ready for her visit and she went poop crazy on me!

Her nurses taught me this cool trick where I put her new diaper underneath her before removing the dirty one. This way if something happens there’s a barrier between her and her blanket. So, I put a fresh diaper under her and before I even go to open her dirty one I hear her poop. I decided to give her a minute to finish. When I thought the coast was clear I started to clean her up. We were doing great up until I went to grab one last wipe to make sure she was all clean. As I pulled my hand away she pooped all over the dirty diaper and wipes and her clean diaper.

I couldn’t help but laugh. She was smiling the whole time! I gave her a minute to finish her business. I put a fresh diaper underneath her and tried again. We made it to the point where I was ready to close up her diaper…and SHE POOPS AGAIN! At this point, I was dying! Her nurse and I couldn’t contain the laughter. The entire time Nell was wide awake and smiling like she had done something wonderful!

Diaper number 4 was our final attempt. She was finally done pooping. And then Auntie Naomi helped me get her into her new onesie. I was having some trouble getting it on because I had to pull it up from the bottom. I’m sure that will get easier.

Nell got some auntie time for about an hour! She loved it. She got very comfortable in auntie’s arms.

Auntie Naomi wasn’t the only visitor Nell had today. Grandma and Papa came to visit. Not only that BUT Papa held her for the first time. Unfortunately, this time with Papa was limited to 15 minutes because of all the holding we’d done today. We had to let her rest. But I’ll tell you this, it was such an amazing 15 minutes. And she loved it!

When Bryan and I go back tonight it will only be to visit and watch. We won’t be holding her because she needs some serious rest. Her sleep time is her grow time. And we need our girl to grow!

One thought on “Busy, Busy Day

  1. I just love her mouth! Her little lips are like rosebuds. All this lovin’ is helping her grow too! She’s getting so big now.


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