Visitors: Part 1

Visitors: Part 1

We have come so far since Miss Nell was born. Our time at Fontana, while necessary and wonderful, was very limiting where visitors were concerned. While she was there the only people that could visit were me, Bryan, our parents, and our grandparents. That’s it. And there could only be two visitors in her room at one time. And one of those people had to be me or Bryan.

Now, in Ontario, we can have up to three visitors at once, with one being myself or Bryan unless they’re one of our designated visitors. These visitors can come in without me or Bryan, but they can’t bring anyone else with them.

The other GREAT thing about Ontario is that her visitor list is no longer limited. Anyone, 15 and over, can come to see her. ANYONE! So, she’s had quite a few visitors in the last week.

Great-Grandparents: Jim & Mousie

Auntie Hilly

Auntie Mary

[Great] Aunt Karen

Aunt Cari

Auntie Naomi & Uncle Brad [we were so concerned about getting a photo of Uncle Brad, we didn’t get one of Auntie Naomi, but we will]


She still has a lot of people to meet. We’ll post pictures as we get them. If you’ve met her and we don’t have a photo of you, REMIND US! We can be a bit forgetful when it comes to anyone that isn’t our sweet baby.

Now, for some amazing Nell updates!

While grandpa was visiting this morning her isolette was MOVED! She is now in an open crib.

She is also WEARING CLOTHES! Our sweet girl can wear onesies now!


And she now weighs 4lbs 9oz! We’re so close to 5lbs. Hopefully, it won’t be long now. Weight gain is so good for her.


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