*NOTE: This post is pretty text-heavy.*

Change can be difficult to deal with. I’ve always done pretty well with change. I’ve had my moments, but most of the time I do well.

Nell moving to Ontario was a good change for us. And when it happened it happened fast. But I did well with the change. When we got to Ontario and there were people surrounding Nell I still did pretty good. I didn’t want to leave her that night and I cried a little, but I did well.

The reason this move has been so easy is because some of the policies are very different than Fontana.

1. Nell can have more visitors. Anyone (15 years and older) can come to see her now. Bryan and I still have to be there, but we aren’t limited to just our parents and grandparents.

2. We can now have up to 3 people at her bedside. At Fontana, we could only have 2 people. This is nice because now I can bring both grandparents in without having to have one of them wait in the waiting room.

3. There is also a list of 4 designated visitors. These people can visit Nell whenever they want without me or Bryan. I LOVE THIS LIST! Because I’m still supposed to be pregnant, Bryan and I have a few weekend plans that take us away from home. I feel so much better now that she’s doing so well. EVEN BETTER knowing that someone will be there to spend time with her while we’re away. If she was still sick we wouldn’t go, but she’s not. And if I’m being honest…Bryan and I need some time alone.

4. Ontario only has 8 beds in an open area. Fontana was 28 private rooms. I feel better knowing that all of the nurses and doctors can see what’s happening with her at all times. I also like that Bryan and I have constant access to someone. When we were at Fontana there were times where I would literally have to search for a nurse. I don’t have to do that anymore.

Today was the first time we had three people by her bed. Her great grandparents (Jim & Mousie) were the first to that with me.

How sweet is that first photo? She gripped her great grandpa’s finger the entire time. Nellie is named after his mother. 

She showed us how well she’s doing. She was awake and alert the whole time they were there. She followed our voices and looking in our direction when we spoke to her. 

She now weighs 3lbs 14oz. We are only 2oz shy of FOUR POUNDS! She’s so close to getting out of her isolette and into an open crib. 

We’re still working on her breathing, but she’s getting there. She’s on about 28% oxygen and they can only go as low as 21%. And we’re working on her feedings. She’s showing signs of rooting. Hopefully, the OT will start working on nippling with her and get us closer to breastfeeding. 

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