Nellie & Anne

Nellie & Anne

Picking a name for your child is hard. Really hard. We threw out names and stopped when we found one we liked. But, still, none of them felt right. Ever. We ultimately decided we wanted to pick a name that really meant something. We wanted a strong name for our baby girl.

A woman who was a follower lived in the city of Joppa. Her name was Tabitha, or Dorcas. She did many good things and many acts of kindness. One day she became sick and died. After they had washed her body, they laid her in a room on the second floor. The city of Lydda was near Joppa. The followers heard that Peter was at Lydda and sent two men to ask him to come at once. Peter went back with them. When he came, they took him to the room. All the women whose husbands had died were standing around crying. They were showing the clothes Dorcas had made while she was with them.

Peter made them all leave the room. Then he got down on his knees and prayed. He turned to her body and said, “Tabitha, get up!” She opened her eyes and looked at Peter and sat up. He took her by the hand and lifted her up. Then he called in the faithful followers and the women whose husbands had died. He gave her to them, a living person.

News of this went through all Joppa. Many people put their trust in the Lord.”

-Acts 9: 36-42 NLV

My grandma, Nellie, loved the name Dorcas and told my mom that it would be the perfect name for me. Obviously, my mom didn’t feel the same way. I’ve been, jokingly, called Dorcas my entire life. But I always thought it was so sweet that my grandma was so passionate about this name. I wanted to honor her, but couldn’t use Dorcas. So, I wanted the Aramaic translation, Tabitha. But I could tell Bryan didn’t love it the way I did.

I still wanted to honor my grandmother, though. I didn’t get the chance to know her as she died when I was very young. But she is spoken of very highly by my mom, aunt, and grandpa. She was amazing in every aspect of life. She was a God-loving woman, a great cook, an amazing mother/wife/grandmother, and many other great things. She was so wonderful and strong and independent and everything. So, we gave her name to our sweet little girl.

We couldn’t stop there because Bryan also had wonderful women in his life. His great grandmother, Anne, is one of those women. She was also strong and independent and wonderful. I had the opportunity to meet her over Skype only, but she was sweet and funny and so kind. So, we gave her name to our sweet little girl.

Anne liked to call all of the women in her family The Feisty Broads. She was the chairwoman and for good reason; she was the feistiest of them all. We were told a story tonight about once when she was in the hospital. She was tired of being there and kept telling her husband, Harry, that she wanted to go home. But was told she couldn’t unless she could walk down the hallway. So, she got up, grabbed her things, and walked down the hallway. When the nurses talk about Nell being feisty, we know where it comes from. As Grandma Joan puts it, she was channeling her inner Grandma [Anne] Nehls.

[Anne is on the left in both photos]

Our sweet Nellie-Anne is just as feisty, independent, strong, and wonderful as her namesakes. She’s not letting any of what’s happening right now get her and I know that both of these women are a part of her.

We don’t have a ton of updates like we’ve had in the past, but here’s what we know:

  • She’s up to 22ml every 3 hours for her feedings.
  • She’s still above 3 lbs.
  • Next week, there’s a good chance that she will no longer need her PICC line.
  • Her breathing support has been weaned every single day.

She’s doing so wonderfully. And all of it is because of every single prayer you have all said for her. So, again, thank you.

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