A Dad & His Little Girl

A Dad & His Little Girl

When Bryan and I first found out I was pregnant I said I wanted a little girl. I would have been just as elated if we’d had a boy, but I had this image of Bryan with our little girl. I wanted him to have a relationship with our daughter similar to the one I have with my dad.

My relationship with my dad is a very special one. We have an unbreakable bond that I’m very proud of. He has taught me how I should be treated by a man. His love for my mom is the kind of love I wanted from my own husband, one day. My mom always said I should marry a man like my dad. And I did. Bryan is exactly like my dad. They are more similar than I like to admit most days. And just like I wanted the same kind of love he and my mom had, I wanted my husband to have the same kind of love for our daughter as my dad had for me.

Bryan is already the best dad to our sweet Nellie-Anne. He loves her more than anything. I love watching him watch her. And this kind of love is all I’ve ever wanted.

And now, some Nellie-Anne updates:

  • She’s up to 19ml during her feedings and she’s tolerating it well.
  • She’s doing amazing with her breathing. Settings go down every day.
  • She’s up 40g > 1480g > 3lbs 4.2oz

That’s it. Those are all the updates. How amazing is that? She’s doing so well that I’m pretty much out of updates.

We, again, thank you for your continued prayers. Every day she does better is another prayer answered.

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