Feisty Little Girl

Feisty Little Girl

I keep hearing the same thing from all of Nellie-Anne’s nurses and doctors, “she is SO feisty!”

She likes to have her hands out and she likes to grab on to everything. On Sunday night Bryan and I watched her pull out her feeding tube. She grabbed it from below the tape and just ripped it out. And that wasn’t the first time that had happened.

January 23, 2020 at 1:00pm

“Hi, can I speak to Nellie’s mom or dad?”

“Hello! This is her mom.”

“Hello! This is Dr. Lee, I’m taking care of your baby today. I just wanted to update you. I’ve been able to wean her ventilator settings twice this morning. I was planning on taking her tube out tomorrow, but she had other plans. She decided to pull it out today. She pulled it out enough that we decided to pull it all the way out. She’s back on the nose cannula and she’s doing really well. We’ll do an x-ray to make sure her lungs are doing okay. I’ll do a blood gas in about 2 hours to make sure that’s good, too. Don’t be surprised if we have to intubation again, but things are looking good. I can’t promise anything, but if she’s still doing well tonight when you’re here, you can hold her.”

Let me show you how well she’s doing.

Holding her this time was almost as good as the very first time. I haven’t held this sweet girl in two weeks! This was such a special time.

Bryan will hold her tomorrow evening.I can’t wait to post those photos. They’re so beautiful.

I hope this shows just how amazing our God is. He has answered all of our prayers. Nights like tonight prove that.

Thank you. So much.

3 thoughts on “Feisty Little Girl

    1. Im so excited for you and Bryan! prayers really do work….btw I’m wondering what is her weight now? God is so good!!


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