Special Moments

Special Moments

We have witnessed so many special moments in the last three weeks. We’ve been supported, loved, prayed for, and so many other things. Everything that every one of you has done has been such a blessing to us.

There are a couple special things I want to share. First up, this adorable blanket. Our friend, Fabiola, made this Harry Potter blanket for me. When Nell was admitted to the hospital they told us that we could bring a blanket in to put over her bed. We chose this one. It’s so wonderful having a piece of our sweet friend in Nell’s room.


Second, BOOKS! If you know me, you know how much I love books. And one thing I really want for Nell is for her to be surrounded by books given to her by those that love her. My Aunt Karen bought a book for Nell and asked me to read it to her. I love that she’ll have something as special as this.

And our last bit of special news for today…Miss Nell is three weeks old today!

The last three weeks have been so up and down, but our girl is a fighter and can get through anything!

Here are her updates:

  • Her spinal tap didn’t happen yesterday. Her doctor said she was a little too wiggly, so they tried again today and were able to get some fluid. Results say that everything looks good! This means that she’ll DEFINITELY be off the antibiotics by this Friday!
  • She’s still at about 21% oxygen. She’s doing really well with the breathing support. Hopefully, at the end of the week, I’ll be posting photos of her without the tube.
  • She’s gained 50g which puts her up to 1450g. This translates to 3lbs 3.1oz.
  • She’s been tolerating 16ml of milk all day. Tomorrow they will begin fortifying her milk (adding calories). If she tolerates that well then they’ll bump her up to 19ml on Friday.


Tiny feet are one more thing we find so special! We can’t wait to see what else this little girl can do.

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