Movin’ On Up

Movin’ On Up

Miss Nell is movin’ on up, you guys. There is nothing this little girl can’t get through. I am amazed at how much she’s improved in such a short time.

Let’s start with this. She was so happy when I visited her this morning.

And now, her updates for today:

  • She’s at 21% oxygen
  • They weaned the breathing support from 3 to 2.5 (I’m not sure what this number means, but lower is better).
    • Her doctor said that when they reach 1 or lower they’ll talk about extubating. She said she’s hoping that will happen by the end of the week.
  • They went up to 13ml for feedings.
    • This was at 11am. She’s on her 3rd feeding at 13 ml. She’ll go up to 15ml tomorrow morning.
  • Her spinal tap was at 1:30pm. We should get those results soon.
  • They’ll wean the sedation and fentanyl after the spinal tap is completed.
  • Her hemoglobin is still on the lower end but the doctor going to just keep an eye on it since she’s not requiring a lot of oxygen support.
  • She’s down 20g but is getting more calories today so it’s no big deal.
    • She currently weighs 3lb .7oz.

Things are going so well for our girl. She’s definitely still moving in the right direction. Thank you for your continued prayers. They’re being answered every single day.

This is absolutely the best thing I got on camera today. She makes my heart so happy.

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