Going Up On That NICU Roller Coaster

Going Up On That NICU Roller Coaster

Friday, January 10th was the worst day I have experienced in a really long time. When Bryan and I were driving to the hospital I got a call from Nell’s doctor. She informed us that Nell had gotten very sick overnight. You can read about that story here.

Here is a photo I took from the day we found out about her being sick and one from today. You can see how much better she looks. 

Since then our girl has been through all kinds of different things. She’s been on antibiotics, sedation meds, pain meds, extra fluids, nitric oxide, and a ventilator. She’s been poked for blood gas and CBC tests and she’s had a chest x-ray every morning. All of these things have been doing exactly what they should be – making her feel better!

Over the last 9 days, I’ve been posting her updates and each day has been a little better than the previous. Today, I took my mom to see her and she looked better than ever.

Here’s a quick update and then I’ll show you some new photos of her. (:

  1. Her ventilator settings have gone down and her oxygen is back in the mid-20s.
  2. Her sedation meds are down, so she’s moving a lot.
  3. She’s still on the pain meds, but they’re helping her with the irritation she’s feeling from the ventilator.
  4. She’s up to 5ml of milk every 3 hours and she’s tolerating it well.
  5. The nurses love her and always tell us how feisty she is.

We have been blessed with such a beautiful little girl. And that fact that I can share a post with more photos than updates makes my heart so happy.

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