Nellie-Anne Is TWO WEEKS OLD!

Nellie-Anne Is TWO WEEKS OLD!


We have made it 14 whole days! Our girl is two weeks old today and we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s to you, baby girl.

We got another good update from the doctor today. Here’s a quick bullet list of what’s happening right now:

  • Nell has gained some weight (about 30g) – some of that is actual weight gain and some of it is water weight.
  • They were able to go down on some of the ventilator settings – I don’t know much about the settings, but they said the adjustments were good ones.
  • They went down on her NO from 15ppm to 10ppm – I also don’t know what this means, but they said it’s a good thing.
  • Her blood gas continues to be really good.
  • Her chest x-rays are also getting better each time they do them.
  • They had her on hydrocortisone for her blood pressure, but it’s been pretty good lately, so they held her 9pm dose to see how she does without it.
  • She’s still on antibiotics for her E. Coli and pneumonia. They typically do antibiotics for either 3, 7, 10, or 14 days. She’ll be on them for 14 days from the day they made the last change, which was 1/13.
  • They’re still holding her feedings until she is off the hydrocortisone. We’re hoping that she’s able to eat again by the end of this week.
  • She’s getting a lab break tomorrow so they don’t poke her as often. They’ll still do blood gas tests, but they won’t be doing any labs until the 17th.

Nell is still moving in the right direction and for that we’re grateful. Here is one more photo of her sweet little face and hand.


Here’s another fun thing that happened for Miss Nell:

When we threw my niece, Madison’s, baby shower 7-ish years ago my mom had a friend of mine sew a small blanket to give as a gift. This quickly became a security blanket for Madison. She’s held tightly to it her entire life. For the last year or so, we’ve all been trying to find ways to have her give up having it with her all the time. We tried asking if she wanted to give it to her youngest (at the time) cousin, Ezra. But she said no. When Nell was born, we tried again. We asked if she’d like to give it to Nell. Her response was, “No. But she can have my princess blanket.” Then, all of a sudden, one day she handed her blanket to her mom and said, “Nellie can have this. Maybe it will help little peanut feel better.”

You guys, I thought she was going to take it back. SHE DIDN’T! It’s been over a week since she’s had her blanket and she hasn’t been asking for it. So, I took it to the hospital and was able to put it on top of her bed so I could take a picture. Now, that I’ve done that I am going to put the blanket in a shadowbox for Maddy so she’ll always have it with her, just differently.

Thank you, Maddy, for being such a sweet cousin.


One thought on “Nellie-Anne Is TWO WEEKS OLD!

  1. I am so happy for you all. God is so attentive to our needs and we grow so much closer to him thru our trials….continued prayers


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