All The Machines

All The Machines

People have always talked about how robots/machines would take over the world. Let me tell you…

There are so many machines in Nell’s room that there’s barely any room for people. Below is a photo of everything she’s hooked up to right now. I’ll do my best to explain what you see.

In the photo on the left, you can see her incubator bed. To the left of her bed, you’ll see the machines that are pictured in the right photo.

  1. The beige-colored machine is the ventilator. She’s been hooked up to this since last Thursday.
  2. The white and blue machine is where the nitric oxide (NO) is coming from. She’s been on this since Monday morning.

Update on these:

  • They have lowered the NO gas because she’s doing really well.
  • They’ve been able to make *good* adjustments to her ventilator.
  • The doctors are hoping that she won’t be hooked up to these for much longer.

And here are some new photos of our girl. Do you see her ‘California Cool Shades’?

Her color looks better every day. Also, ALL THAT HAIR! Bryan and I weren’t sure how she would look where her hair was concerned. I was born with a full head of hair and he was bald until he was 2-years old.

Left: Bryan (on the floor) *guest-starring Hilary* & Right: Me *guest-starring my dad*

Miss Nell is still moving in the right direction. Her infections are clearing up and we’re hoping that soon she’s back to where she was during her first week.

Thank you all, again, for your continued prayers. They mean the world to us.

4 thoughts on “All The Machines

  1. She is looking stronger and healthier every day! What a blessing answered prayers are! Sending our continued prayers, love and support.


  2. Thank you for all these updates Erica! I wish I could be there to give you and Bryan a big hug, but just know that Stevo and I are sending love and positive thoughts all day, every day. You’re an amazing mom, and I know you’ll have Nellie-Anne in your arms very soon.


  3. I showed my mom her picture and my mom responded “your brother looked just like that!” (My twin and I were 10 weeks premie, I was ok but his lungs collapsed within minutes of birth). We then prayed for all of you and my mom said, “Brad started like that, with an IV in his forehead, and now he’s a Daddy himself.” Hang in there Mama, God has great plans for that little girl.


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