We’re Moving Foward!

We’re Moving Foward!

Let’s start with something that isn’t hospital related.

How awesome are those photos? Being able to set up Nellie-Anne’s crib gave my heart hope. We planned further than one minute in the future. And I just love that I can start getting ready for her to come home. It’s not quite as hard to walk into her room now.

Here’s another thing I got to put up in the house. I’ve always loved Willow Tree and now I have pieces that perfectly represent the love that surrounds our little family. There are still a few that I’d like to add, but this is a great start.


[Left to right: Promise (this was a gift from my cousins on my wedding day), Home, & Our Gift]

Finally, our visits with Nell today were a bit different than usual. Today was Bryan’s first day back at work. So, her morning visit was with only me. I wasn’t sure how I would handle the visit. I didn’t do well.

I was there for her daily update with the doctor. This is when I was told that she had been moved back up to 100% oxygen because they had moved her back onto her back and she didn’t like that. I was shown her chest x-rays and I could see that they were improving from when she first got sick, but she still had some haziness in the upper part of her lungs. The doctor said she has pneumonia. The good thing is that she was already on antibiotics to help that. I was already starting to fall apart, barely holding myself together when a team of nurses and respiratory therapists walked in to prepare her for nitric oxide (NO). The doctor said the NO would help to clear out her lungs more quickly.


I had a moment where I broke down. I couldn’t watch all those people working on her at the same time. I grabbed my sweater and walked out just in time to double over in tears. Her nurse was so amazing. She rubbed my back and reminded me to breathe slowly. I took off my gown, mask, and gloves and thanked them for taking such great care of my baby but I had to leave. They completely understood. She smiled at me and told me to get some rest and come back later when there would be fewer people.

Before I could get too far from her room another nurse stopped me (I found out tonight that this girl is actually a student nurse that was assigned to Nell’s nurse today). She said, “I noticed your shirt. Do you go to Sandals Church?” I replied that I do and asked which campus she attends. She told me that she switches between San Bernardino and Hunter Park. I smiled and told her that I also attend Hunter Park. She put her hand on my arm and asked, “Can I pray with you before you leave?”

YOU GUYS! This is the second time a nurse has asked to pray with us. This is the fourth nurse I’ve met that attends a Sandals Church campus. You can’t tell me this isn’t a GOD THING! She made my whole day! I thanked her and left the NICU so quickly I was almost running. My heart couldn’t take it any longer.

Fast forward to this evening. Bryan came home and warmed our first Meal Train meal, courtesy of my incredible mother-in-law. After eating we went to the hospital. First, we no longer have to wear masks, gowns, and gloves. They have determined that she doesn’t any respiratory infections, like RSV. That was just the FIRST good thing that happened.

[Look at these fat little cheeks!]


Then, we were told, and I quote, “She’s doing SO WELL on the nitric oxide that we’ve been able to lower her oxygen from 100% to 48%.” *Insert inner scream* I was so excited. We were also told that her catheter was removed because they were happy with the urine output and weren’t finding anything they didn’t like. She is still mildly sedated so she doesn’t fight the ventilator.

While we were in her room her oxygen went from 48% to 46%. By the time we left, she was at 43%. I can’t tell you how that made us feel. The nurse said if she continues to do as well as she is she could potentially be off the ventilator in the next few days. While we’re very excited about that, we also understand that things change minute-to-minute. We aren’t holding our breath.

We will, however, continue to pray that Nellie-Anne keeps fighting. She’s got God fighting alongside her, as well. We are resting in His peace. And we know that with Him we WILL get through this. We are only 12 days into a 90-ish day stay in the NICU. Please continue to pray with us for our girl.

We can’t wait for everyone to meet her. We know you’ll fall in love the second you see her.

4 thoughts on “We’re Moving Foward!

  1. I love the passion and emotion with which you are able to tell your story. It is wonderful news that you are able to share today. It is a long journey for Nellie but she appears to be quite a strong contender. Blessings and prayers for all of you, the doctors and nurses.


  2. Our church is praying for Nellie! Today’s update was especially encouraging! Thanks for sharing, we will continue to pray for your precious little girl! Kris Watson


  3. My family and I continue to pray for your family and especially Nellie-Anne’s continued strength. I showed Sophia some pictures tonight and she wanted me to share with you how cute she thinks Nellie is. We look forward to the day you and Bryan get to bring her home, and we are thankful God has an amazing team keep her safe and helping her prepare for that day.


  4. That is awesome news! The prayers are POWERful. I will keep praying and update the prayer chain at CCCH. Love to you and your family .


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