Our Girl Is A Fighter!

Our Girl Is A Fighter!

Today has been such a good day! I can’t even begin to describe how happy my mama heart is after visiting Miss Nell this afternoon.

This is a photo I took before we left her today. If you compare to the last photo I posted, you’ll notice a huge difference in her skin color. She doesn’t look as pale as she did the other day.

You may also notice that she looks a little bigger. She has gained some weight – currently 1320g or 2lbs 14.6oz. This could mean that she is gaining weight, but it could also be from the fluids she’s receiving. Either way, she’s looking really good. Her face looks a bit swollen, but she’s still just as perfect.


Here are a few other things the doctor told us today:

  1. They’ve taken her off two of the three blood pressure medications they had her on. She is now only on the steroid but is only getting it every eight hours instead of every six hours.
  2. The lab came back with exactly what the infection is that they initially found – E. Coli. It sounds scary, but the doctor assured me that they see this all the time. And they were able to get ahead of it by starting her on antibiotics to stop it. They can now take her off the antibiotic that no longer applies. They’ve sent in more blood cultures to determine how well the meds are working.
  3. Her blood gas results have come back a little better each time. They’ve been able to lower her oxygen again. Their new goal is to get her off the ventilator and back on the CPAP (or BiPAP, I can’t remember) machine. This will mean that she’s beginning to breathe more on her own.
  4. The platelets and red blood cells she received have been good for her and they don’t see her needing another transfusion right now.
  5. They did another brain scan and said they didn’t find any bleeding. YAY!
  6. They will be removing her umbilical line and inserting a PICC line in the next few days. This will make it easier for them to give her the meds and fluids she needs.
  7. They are going to start her back on her feeding protocol in the next couple of days.

Do we need more good news? We are elated. Our sweet girl is getting stronger every single day. So much of that is because of all of you. Your prayers are felt and heard. God is working miracles on Nellie; she is an absolute testament to the work He does in our lives every day. Our fight isn’t over and we appreciate your continued prayers for our little family.

Here’s another picture because one just isn’t enough.

4 thoughts on “Our Girl Is A Fighter!

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful update and the good news. Keep your eyes on your God and know he’s at your side at every moment. Sending love and prayers. Linda C.


  1. Hi Erica, I’m Tom’s sister Sharon, and I want to follow the progress on your precious daughter. I’ve Included Nellie in my prayers every night for the past week or so and I will continue to do this. Wishing you and Bryan the best of luck and with Gods love she will thrive…..God is good….all the time


  2. Erica, Jason’s mom here, we are praying for little Nellie and know God has her in His hands! She is darling and we can’t wait to meet her. Thank you for sharing her progress with us. God bless !youyourpprecious family


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